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Four fruit elements Chimu stirrup spout bottle
When looking at the object, it can be interpreted that the bottle was created to resemble metal or a hard material. The bottle has a basic stirrup spout form. Its shape is created with four half ovals on each of its four sides creating an overall…

Chimu jar with rodents and fish
Object 1608-89 is a rounded vessel with a large opening at the top, accompanied by two small handles. The opening features a lip that projects outwards and then cinches inwards. The handles on the vessel are sculptural; a rodent figure is modeled…

Chimu sculptural blackware reclining llama jar
This is object 1608-82 from the Digital Archiver Services at UT. This Chimu object is a ceramic jar. The jar is a monochrome black. Its color is possibly blackware, which is produced because of an oxygen reduction firing technique. The texture is…

Chimu spout-and-handle vessel with human effigy.
The sculptural vessel has a spout and handle with a sphere-shaped base. The vessel is a monochrome blackware with raised dot designs, burnished line patterns, and a dividing line between the upper and the lower half of the vessel. The end of the…

Chimu stirrup spout bottle with a monkey applique
The object is a blackware ceramic from the Chimu culture during the Late Intermediate Period (900AD - 1476AD.). It is shaped with a narrow-mouthed spout that slopes into a wide chamber for holding liquids. There is a handle that begins at the middle…

Chimu stirrup spout bottle with a modeled bird on the stirrup
Whistling bottle with a bird on one spout

Chimu stirrup spout bottle with birds and chili peppers
The Chimu stirrup spout bottle is monochromatic and features a bronze slip and a smooth burnished finish, known as blackware. The ceramic vessel has naturalistic imagery which includes eight life-size chili peppers which stem down from the top of the…
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