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Nasca vase with trophy head
miniature head bottle

Nasca double spout and bridge with hummingbirds around flowers
This piece is a double-spout-and-bridge vessel decorated with a multitude of multicolored hummingbirds swarming around a pair of shape, with a double-spout-and-bridge on the top. The overall shape is fairly straightforward in shape, but…

Nasca double spout and bridge with a feline and sun bursts
This double-spout-and-bridge vessel is an extremely common form in Nasca ceramics. It is round and bulbous, narrower towards the top, and wider towards the bottom. It is topped with two straight, cylindrical spouts pointed vertically. An arched…

Nasca Double Spout and Bridge Vessel with Birds and Anthropomorphic figure
This Nasca vessel has a sleek and economical form: the ceramic itself is not sculptural and emphasizes the use of 2-dimensional design in its style. A double spout and bridge that adorns the top of the vessel is the only part that is protruding from…

Trichrome double-spout-and-bridge ceramic cooking pot with fish iconography
This is object 1608-238 from the Digital Archiver Services at UT. The color of this Nasca artifact is prominent, drawing attention to the area on the top. The primary hues used on this vessel consist of red and black, which when used together create…
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