Nasca double spout and bridge with hummingbirds around flowers

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Nasca double spout and bridge with hummingbirds around flowers


This piece is a double-spout-and-bridge vessel decorated with a multitude of multicolored hummingbirds swarming around a pair of shape, with a double-spout-and-bridge on the top. The overall shape is fairly straightforward in shape, but its detail comes in with what is rendered on the vessel’s surface. The base ceramic is a reddish brown, signaling that it was created in an oxidized atmosphere. It is minimally glossy, reflecting only a small amount of light. The vessel overall is decidedly polychrome, featuring hummingbirds of seven colors: yellow, red, pink, light blue, and white, with black outlines on a dark blue background. One of the flowers is white, and the other is yellow, and each has a dark center.
The hummingbirds swarm across the entire vessel, with some of their tails wrapping down to near its base. They are not positioned at random however. The birds all circle around the pair of flowers on each side of the vessel, seemingly jostling for a spot around the primary food sources of a hummingbird. Both the flowers and the hummingbirds are rendered naturalistically, with a fairly high level of detail present on the birds. This can be seen in countershading present on real hummingbirds, as well as individual wing and tail feathers painted on with black outlines.




Early Intermediate Period (200 BCE-600 CE)


Peru--South Coast


Three dimensional object


13 (h) cm.
5 (h) in.




Jack Danciger Collection


Art and Art History Collection (AAHC), College of Fine Arts, The University of Texas at Austin


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